Our All Natural Ingredients

Our highest quality Certified Organic Hawaiian beehive products are gently harvested with very little disruption to our delicate bees, ensuring the health of their colonies. These ingredients are blended with certified organic olive oil at low temperatures to protect their natural biological state and provide you with the most usable nutrition available for your skin.

Our products are non-GMO, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free & BEE-Friendly! They contain NO artificial preservatives, additives or fillers. NO parabens, petroleum products, hormones, silicones, fillers, etc. Only nature’s organic ingredients kissed by the sun!

Highest Quality Ingredients Makes the Difference

Honey Girl Organics Australia, our organic skin products are nature’s own science applied to your skin! The most nutritious and anti-aging properties that organic olive oil and beehive products provide are used without artificial preservatives, additives or fillers to revitalize and enhance skin regeneration. Bring back your natural radiance!

It is the best organic skin moisturizer because it contains nontoxic healing ingredients that are highly absorbable and utilized by our skin. This best skin moisturizer will provide your skin with nutrition, moisture and ingredients that will help your skin to repair itself.

What Makes Organic Hawaiian Beehive Ingredients So Good For Your Skin? Honey, beeswax, pollen & propolis are great antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. They scavenge free radicals, are collagen stimulators, natural emollients and humectants that also supply our skin with nutritious amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Our bees forage from vital and wild vegetation. This guarantees the strongest mix of nutrients that nature has to offer, free of pesticides and chemicals.