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I think it’s safe to assume that most of you reading this tend to eat on the healthier side. You probably all have had the experience of “eating clean” and have loved the experience of feeling healthier as a result. You’ve gone a whole week or even a month, or perhaps can go completely without eating any processed foods, refined sugars or white flours. You’ve stayed away from fast-food, gone completely organic and/or began eating from your own pesticide-free gardens. If you have you most definitely have raved to your friends about how much better you feel and look just by switching to a “clean” diet.

If you have had this experience or of this is your daily life than you likely have also experienced the disgusting feeling you get when you go from eating extremely clean only to momentarily relapse on a chemically corrupted food like, let’s say a McDonald’s burger. Not only do you feel terrible for giving up on all that discipline for a meal that has less nutrients than a cardboard box, but you also may feel physically ill. Your stomach may cramp up, you might feel extreme discomfort and you wouldn’t have liked the feeling of shocking your body with the artificial nonsense that our government allows us to call food.

This is exactly the feeling my friends and I had when we switched to Honey Girl Organic’s Australia. It is truly the purest skin care product you will find. The experience is virtually the same. Imagine your skin feeling more supple, more smooth, more beautifully vibrant and healthier than ever. Then one day you decide to use that irresistibly inexpensive cleanser from that fancy store inside David Jones. It says “naturally-derived” after all? Surely it can’t be that bad. So then you start to cleanse your face with it. And suddenly you feel it. The basic cleanser sucks all the life out of your skin. Removes not only your make-up and excess oils, but it also strips away your natural oils that are their specifically to keep your skin healthy and balanced. Now your skin is as dry as the cracked dirt in the Great Victoria desert and it has likely disrupted the healthy balance you had before.

Honey Girl Organics Australia uses nature as science applied. We do not treat the symptom, we treat the cause. Our products are gentle, organic and natural. Honey Girl Organics Australia has an entire line dedicated to Extra Sensitive Skin! And for all around skin health, nothing beats our Super Skin Food.  You simply will not find a more pure, more natural, or more effective product for gently treating your skin everyday. Great skin, from the inside, out.

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