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Oh, the bee. These buzzing work-a-holics are responsible for every third bite of food that we eat. That is a HUGE implication! In other words, if you eat food… You should probably thank a bee. Or better yet, since bees are so important to mankind, why don’t we try to save them?

It may seem like a daunting task, especially since most of us don’t even know a thing about them! Don’t be discouraged. There’s a couple of different ways we can actually contribute to their survival and it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

One simple way is to plant a garden! Don’t have a backyard? Get in touch with your nearby school or day care and tell them you’d like to build a community garden. Not only will this be a fun way for you to get out and meet new people, but it will encourage others to care about what’s happening in our environment. This will serve as a spring board to spreading awareness about the bee epidemic and get you well on your way to feeling like you’ve made a positive impact on mankind!

Another way to help save the bees is by being mindful of the kind of honey that you purchase on a regular basis. Whether it be the kind that you eat, or the kind that you put on your skin make sure it’s an ethical product. A good rule of thumb is if you can buy it in a commercial grocery store and it doesn’t have the certified organic label on it, then it’s likely a product that is being produced at a mass scale.

When a product is regulated for certification, they are held to a stringently eco-friendly standard. This means NO clipping the wings or killing of the Queen Bee. NO pesticides can be used during the farming of the plants where the bees forage or on the hive itself. NO leaving the bees without honey to feed off of during the winter months. And absolutely NO traces of chemical fertilisers or synthetic additives are to be used in any part of the honey making process.

And don’t worry, Honey Girl Organic’s will be putting the honey where our mouth is and will be starting our very own community garden in the next couple of weeks. So look out for us Australia. We’re not going anywhere!


Death and Extinction of the Bees


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