Honey Girl Organics Australia Organics vs Other Organics

June 16, 2017 | | in Skin Care Blog

No one wants to think about how marketing schemes and misleading advertisements affect our buying decisions. We much rather just buy that inexpensive lotion labeled “all natural” than to actually pay the premium price for a Certified Organic one. Who wants to admit that they’ve fallen for the little label that says “naturally derived” even though the list of ingredients says otherwise. Or worse, how about the products that are labeled “organic” but there is no certification in sight. We can’t be surprised when the ingredients have remnants of synthetic chemicals. Basically, they are the chemical versions of natural substances. Are the chemicals always bad for us? Not necessarily. Did we buy that product based on the fact that we thought it was truly organic? Probably so.
If you are one of these ultra-conscious consumers then you might be all too familiar with these marketing tactics. But it’s hard to find a product that is truly made from nature, right? Not anymore!
Turn over any one of our Honey Girl Organics products and you’ll notice a refreshing trend. You don’t have to google everything on our list of ingredients, because you’ll likely recognize what everything is. You can pronounce all of the ingredients with ease. The font size isn’t set to tiny. We are very proud of the minimalist formula that our PhD founders have put together. The USDA certification is highly esteemed at being the best and most stringent certification process in the world. Remember, this is your guarantee that no pesticides or harmful chemicals are present in any of our products. We are proud to be able provide you with this premium advantage so you can rest easy knowing you are giving your skin the purest skin care product on the market to date. For more information surrounding the topic of organic products visit the following:https://www.choice.com.au/health-and-body/beauty-and-personal-care/skin-care-and-cosmetics/articles/natural-and-organic-cosmeticshttps://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.smh.com.au/business/consumer-affairs/titanium-dioxide-food-additive-under-review-after-study-finds-cancer-links-20170127-gu03ao.html


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